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When you order a paper, it’s not enough that it’s being written by someone else. That writer needs to have excellent writing skills, that will get you the best grade on your paper. When you look at, you’ll see that they have a very high approval rate. Are they the people to write your paper?
Before you make a decision, read our review. We’re dedicated to protecting students from scam sites, and you need to be sure that Do Assignment are who they say they are. Should you trust them with your assignment? Read on and find everything you need to know.

Prepared by our American expert - Emily Johnson

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  • Name: Do Assignment
  • Country: United States
  • Secure connection: yes
  • Type of services: Assignment Services
  • Type of assignment:
    • Creative writing
    • Essay (any type)
    • Research paper
    • Presentation or speech
    • Book/movie review
    • Term paper
    • Coursework
    • Research proposal
    • Dissertation
    • Thesis
    • Business plan
    • Case study
    • Admission Essay
    • Article Review
    • Annotated Bibliography
    • Argumentative Essays
    • Critical Thinking
    • Biographies
    • Thesis/Dissertation Abstract
    • Dissertation chapter – Introduction
    • Dissertation chapter – Literature review
    • Dissertation chapter – Methodology
    • Dissertation chapter – Results
    • Dissertation chapter – Discussion
    • Dissertation chapter – Conclusion
    • Thesis/Dissertation Proposal
    • Research Proposal
    • Thesis/Dissertation Chapter
    • Capstone Project
  • Basic price: 9.90USD
  • Discounts:
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 1 reviews
 by Elisa
Language barrier with customer support
Region: USA
City: Reed College Portland, OR
College: Reed College

This hasn't been the best writing service I've worked with. The customer service team in particular were hard to work with, as there was a language barrier making things difficult.

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